My Experience With Merrick Pet Care

We recently adopted two male Cane Corso puppies from the same litter. They are amazing, but if you are a dog lover, your dog is always amazing isn’t it? We named them Tank and Shadow.

Tank and Shadow on adoption day 2017

Tank and Shadow adoption day 2017

We started our new pups on a high-quality puppy kibble from Blue Buffalo called “Blue Wilderness Puppy Food with LifeSource Bits.” We supplemented that with canned food, also from Blue Buffalo. When the local pet stores were out of “Blue Wilderness” by Blue Buffalo, which was the brand we preferred, we tried the “Puppy Plate” puppy food from Merrick Pet Care.

We had already been feeding Brutus (“Roo”), our 16-year old Rottweiler-German Shepherd mix the “Turducken” flavor from Merrick, because he is very finicky and that was about the only food that would not cause him to flip his bowl over in protest. We had been trying the Blue Buffalo stews out of desperation because he wasn’t eating and his health was deteriorating. Those became very expensive to feed to a large breed dog, so we searched for, and found, a high-quality canned food at Sandy Pet Supply, near our home. And thankfully, he really took to it.

Brutus at the Aquarium

Brutus (at 8 weeksold)

Oregon Coast Aquarium in 2001

Shortly after we started feeding Merrick food to our pups, there was a minor issue with a can of food. A can of the “Smothered Comfort Stew” flavor was not up to the usual high standards we had experienced. The stew was more like soup. We sent an email, picture included, detailing the issue. We received a prompt response letter (the next day) with profuse apologies, and a coupon for three free cans of food in the mail 3 days later. Merrick Pet Care really won our business that day.

This is not remotely scientific, and I’m no veterinarian, but nearly every purebred dog that I have known seems to have had food allergies (mostly wheat). That makes sense, since we all know that canines are predators, and selective breeding, while it brings out traits that we desire in the breeds, also tends to bring out genetic anomalies that aren’t desirable.

All Merrick Dog Food is Grain-Free

Merrick dog foods have a lot of other things besides beef, chicken, turkey, and venison. They also have Granny Smith apples, peas, sweet potato, and blueberries, to name a few. And did I mention that they were grain free? Our late, lamented Dogue D’Bordeaux Honey had the worst wheat allergy I had ever seen, and it would manifest itself in all sorts of unpleasant ways. I never want to go through that again with any of my dogs.

More About Merrick:

My family and my dogs are fans of Merrick Pet Care and their canned dog food products. Follow this link to their website if you want to find out more

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