Blogging, finally.

So I finally decided to quit making excuses, and start blogging. I wrote my first real blog post (jnstead of just reblogging). Gettting that done gave me the confidence to jump in with both feet and upgrade to a Premium WordPress account, with a custom domain.

Now I’ve installed the app in order to post often no matter where Im at. This editor is very easy to use. I may find myself blogging from my smartphone all the time-maybe. Of course, I may now start making excuses to upgrade to that phablet I’ve been wanting. I’ve been quite happy with Samsung GS5 since I acquired it 3 years ago, but it’s getting pretty long in the tooth and I have big thumbs. Anyway, back to WordPress.

I’ve been dabbling in WordPress off and on for the past several years. Initially it was for a Microsoft IIS class in which we installed a blogging platform on a virtual web server we setup on Windows Server 2008.

Lately though, Ive really been looking for a way to ease my transition out of my current blue-collar ccupation, which is looking like it has no future. It also pays a lot more than an entry level IT job, like a pair of golden handcuffs, if you will, so that makes it more challenging if I don’t want to take a very large pay cut

One of the ways I’m going to do that is to learn how to monetize my blog. I’ve already figured out that I’ll need a ton of traffic to have a shot at making any WordAds money. I’ve also read that the advertisers tend to be pretty picky about the types of content they place their ads on. Like I said, its going to be a learning experience, and I may learn that I need to move my domain to a hosting company, build my blog from scratch, and do my own legwork to round up ad revenue.

Whichever way I go, I’ll need to post quality content, and post it often, as well as sharing my blog far and wide if I want to draw readers to it in large enough numbers to make significant income. One way to do that, based on the writing classes I’ve taken, is write whenever I think of something cool, such as a product review or a rant about whatever. Otherwise I’ll never get around to posting anything.

Stay tuned.